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We provide the outstanding credit repair services for our clients and finest customer care services, money saving tactics which in return provides a multiple alternatives to finance property. We can guarantee that we offer the lowest price solutions and the incredible results in 60 days! We run your credit report through a mortgage simulator and if needed we will rapid re score your credit report to its goal faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Your Company Remove Negative Items from my Credit Report?

We leverage Federal Consumer Protection Laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to dispute the items on your credit reports with the credit reporting agencies. The FCRA states that every item that is on your credit report must be reported 100% accurately, be 100% verifiable, and be 100% timely. If not, they cannot be reported and must be removed. The good news is that according to a report released by the Federal Trade Commission, almost 80% of credit reports contain inaccurate reported accounts or accounts that cannot be verified in them. We recommend that you do not pay collection accounts unless otherwise directed. Pay for delete sometimes may be an option.

What is the Cost of your Services?

Currently we charge $150 per month and then $89 a month . Under normal circumstances we are a 3-6 month program for credit restoration . You will see results within the first 45 days of us starting with a completely onboarded form.

How do you help build my credit and add positive lines to my credit?

Once the dispute process is underway. We choose lines of credit that will help you the most.  We make sure to let you know exactly when to apply and what to apply for so that you are only applying for accounts that we know for sure you’ll be getting approved for.  These new accounts will help boost your credit scores and the overall health of your credit profile.

What if no negative items are removed from my credit reports?

While for the most part we are able to address most items and get them removed there are some cases when things are not removed. If for some reason we can not remove ANY of the negative items we will issue a refund. That would mean not any of the items are able to be removed.

How long do I need to keep my credit monitoring account active for?

We require that you keep your monitoring account 100% active during the time of credit restoration. Our program typically lasts from 3-6 months.  Once you are done with our program or terminate services you may cancel your account with credit monitoring.

How Long Does it Take?

It typically takes us 3-6 months to complete the process of restoring your credit. That is provided you fully cooperate with our program and send in all correspondence. We are results driven so its imperative that you cooperate with our guidance and the guidance of our affiliates.

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