Juneteenth 2020: Black Lives Matter

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The19th of June or the called ‘Juneteenth’ is a highly remarkable date in American History. In 1865, federal troops arrived in the state and finally put slavery to an end. And today, and for all the 19ths to come, we will celebrate the African American Emancipation Day loud and proud— we will never allow history to repeat once again.

Juneteenth has shaped society in exceptional ways. Not only it stayed and embarked on its origin, which is Texas, but also in hundreds of countries across the globe. From 1865 to this day forward, people have been engaging themselves into education, gatherings, forums, and the likes, in order to further know and advance what has been started.

Although the Emancipation Proclamation has been signed into law, stating that all slaves shall be free now and forever, we must admit that it did not happen completely. Black people were still treated poorly. Discrimination is still evident. The battle and division between colors have yet to reach its end. This year, considering the recent happenings, Juneteenth has become much stronger. People of all races, nationalities, and social status have been screaming for justice, back and forth, as if telling the world we will not stop until the slightest hint of discrimination and impaired judgment be removed.

The Philadelphia Real Estate Group stands as one with the African American community. We firmly uphold these principles and advocacies, and forever, as time strengthens, we will stand against such inhumane practices of law and racism towards our fellow countrymen.

Together, let us not get tiresome of continuously educating our peers, family, and loved ones about this history we are still making up to date. Let us also continue involving ourselves in such discussions to further our knowledge, and later on, impart it to other people. Let us hold it with dignity and pride: Black Lives Matter.

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