How to Improve Your Credit Score in JUST 10 Days!

 In Credit Repair for Home, How to Improve Your Credit Score in JUST 10 Days!

Credit scores can either make or break us. It can take us to several good opportunities or can hinder us from reaching the goals we most desire to aim. According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 30% of all people are more embarrassed about their credit scores than their weight. While we only establish a solid credit history after many years, don’t you know we can start making that history now, for only as quick as 10 days? Wow, that’s great news!

Before everything begins, you need to be certain you are 100% committed to this goal of improving your credit score. Otherwise, you will just most likely fail.  Follow our 10-day guide below and see the results swiftly.


  • DAY 1

Assuming you have properly conditioned yourself, now is the day you first identify your specific goals for your creditworthiness, write them down, and tell it to someone you trust. Sharing it to a person means a lot, for it will give fruit to accountability. Make sure also that this person will help you improve and will encourage you. Forget those who do not believe in you. I know you know what I’m talking about.

After that, educate yourself about credit and its purpose. You may search for reliable resources online or see our eBook. Knowing what credit means and how it works will give you a better gauge and may induce more motivation.

Checking your credit will not hurt your credit score. Get your free credit report and pay for only $1 to see your credit score. We cannot skip this step, as the following days will be highly reliable for it. Click here to get yours now.


  • DAY 2

On the following day, now that you have your physical credit report, you may now start identifying items of inaccuracies which you can later dispute and get help from. There are various credit repair firms in the city, but others are more specific to a certain need. If your problem is more inclined to homeownership, then Credit Repair for Home will give you the best service. If you have reviewed that the matter needs a dispute, check this article to know how.


  • DAY 3

The third day will require you to put your bills on hold. This is to help you reach your goal of boosting your credit score rapidly. You need to automate just 1 bill, meaning you never miss paying it and lowers your risk of paying late fees. It can be done either through a bank, your creditor, or your credit card company. Do this and watch how magic can change your life forever.


  • DAY 4

Now is the time you learn how to pay off all your debts, little by little. One very powerful method is the Debt Snowball Method, wherein you knock off loans from smallest to largest, making a little snowball (first payment) turn into a big boulder (last payment) until you are debt-free. A VERY important note: request credit increases ONLY if you will not use the available credit.


  • DAY 5

Rod Griffin, the director of public education for Experian, as cited by Bev O’Shea, says that the “length of credit history” means how long any given account has been reported open. He also adds that “the longer an account has been open and active, the better it is for the credit score,”. On Day 5, you must do this— you must increase the length of your credit history.


To do so, you may use piggybacking credit. This happens when someone adds you as an authorized user on their credit card to help you boost your credit. You may also use a credit builder loan. This kind of loan is specifically designed to help people with bad credit and does not need a good standing for approval. It works in a way that the bank holds your loan while you make payments for it and only after you have finally paid off will they give you the money. To sign up for one, click here.


  • DAY 6

On the 6th day, we will start paying small debts to zero monthly. First, you need to take out a credit card with a $0 balance. In this card, you will place small bills ONLY. For example, Netflix, Spotify, and phone bills. Point is, the bill you should only place in this card must be 1) small and; 2) reoccurring. Next, you must automate payments on this card every month. This will greatly change your creditworthiness. You may click here to apply for one.

  • DAY 7

This day you do not have to do anything but to make sure you DO NOT run your credit unless absolutely necessary. Unwanted subscriptions and payments, though may seem little but when piled up, becomes completely expensive and large to handle. Save yourself from misery by refraining from doing this. Our goal is to boost your credit score and build it into a better shape. All our efforts will mean nothing if you keep on making this.


  • DAY 8

Now,  look at the mix of credit on your report. Review it thoroughly. To qualify for a mortgage, you must have the following credit mix with at least 3 pieces of credit: 1) revolving payments such as credit cards; 2) installments such as car notes, student loans, and personal loans and; 3) open payments such as


  • DAY 9

Face your student loans. Repaying this debt is challenging, but it must be done in order to avoid severe financial consequences. The PEW cites how the U.S. Department of Education reports that “about 20 percent of borrowers are in default—typically defined as having gone at least 270 days without a payment—millions more are behind on their payments, and more than a million loans go into default each year.” Some severe results of failure to pay are collection fees and wage garnishment. Kicking off student loans are part of boosting your credit score. Again, check out the Debt Snowball Method for help.


  • DAY 10

For the last day, now that you have done and completed all the tasks mentioned above, take a deep breath and do not be anxious. We can do all things we put our thoughts to. Remember, we just need a plan, and this is it. However, be careful to not rush the progress. Be patient with yourself and trust yourself. Some things do not happen at the time we expect it to, but sure it will at a later time. What’s important is you have done your part.


Go back to the person you have shared this with on the first day. Share with your family, friends, and relatives what this 10-day guide of boosting your poor credit score talks about and celebrate together after. Remember also to be extra cautious and wise next time, so you don’t fall short again.

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