Financial Peace University: Baby Step 2

 In Financial Peace University: Baby Step 2

Congratulations! You have passed the Baby Step 1! Now, we are taking another step towards financial freedom, and that is Baby Step 2: Paying Off Debts Using the Debt Snowball Method.


Debts are not bad. It is normal and can be very helpful. It allows you to pay for something you cannot afford to pay outright and can be better in terms of savings if you will base it on time. But it can be actually a big trap for us. There is a very thin line between helpful debts and stressful, nerve-wracking debts. These kinds will hurt your credit score, then a lot of other severe financial consequences that will hinder your growth. While this may appear tough, we know that we can move mountains of problems.


Pay all your debts. Avoid borrowing money as much as possible. If you are putting all your money in investments rather than payments, then that is a lot of money. If you do not have any payments, you can do anything you want, and this must attract you.


The power of debt is it steals your economic muscle and deposit it in someone’s account after you work for it. Getting out of debt is not a math thing, it is determination.  Believing you can. And we base it on our hope factor in our hearts.



You should run away from debts and credits like your life depends on it. Below are some helpful tips:

  1. Quit borrowing more money. Cut your credit cards.
  2. You must save money.
  3. Sell something.
  4. Take a part-time job. Do overtime.
  5. Prayer really works. It is free, with no interest rates and office hours. Access it.


Debt is not a math problem. It is a behavior problem and we solve it by behavior solutions. Devote time and effort to kick out all your loans until you become debt-free. To learn more, read this article: HOW TO PAYOFF YOUR DEBT USING THE DEBT SNOWBALL METHOD.


See you in Baby Step 3. Keep going! 

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