The 6 Most Important Steps Towards True Credit Repair Success

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The 6 Most Important Steps Towards True Credit Repair Success

True success is vital. The accomplishment is the stepping stone towards greatness, a more comfortable, secure life for yourself and for your family. Not only that, but a richer success will enable you to help others as well. If you want to reach this, let us look into Napoleon’s Hill book about the 6 steps towards true success.


Be specific. Specific goals are a lot better than a broad, vague one. Think wisely and make decisions on how much you want to achieve. According to Edwin Locke, based on his studies, people with more specific goals have a higher chance of attaining success than those who have unclear goals. Make sure that upon defining what you want, you stick to it, visualize how you will get it, be accountable, then keep on working towards it.

In terms of your credit score, make sure you establish a clear credit score target, make ways and necessary adjustments to hit it, then continue building up your credit. A firm goal like to cut certain subscriptions and/or other expenses may also be one step towards success.


Because you have a dream, it means that you will work your way to achieve it. As it goes “There is no such thing as something for nothing.” Applying the first step, a clearer vision and timeline will help you. Certain efforts, sacrifices, time, and realigning of priorities are highly relevant in this matter. If, for example, you now have established how you will hit your target goal, then now is the time to ask yourself if it is sufficient for the money you want to have.

In repairing your credit, the timeline is important. The realigning of priorities is important. If you have a really bad credit score and want to fix it to gain something, then you must first be willing to make sacrifices to achieve it. Otherwise, your credit score will stay stinky, and your goal would not be reached.


Set the date. Evaluate as much as you can, then firmly select a target date by which you need to have your desired money on hand. This is highly effective since this will put you into pressure, and will make you move into something you are accountable for. There will be less time to be idle and lesser time to be unmotivated. You have to work your way to match this date, otherwise, you will have to sit in disappointment if the date has come and you have not accomplished it yet. A sense of urgency is essential. It will be your fuel to work your way.

Especially with credit repair, without this important step, you will lose the game. If you have a deadline, work it. You cannot always please your banks or debtors to move across the calendar. You have to comply. So be urgent. Act as if you will win the aim.


Establish a plan. The phrase “I am not ready” will never apply. You make time, effort, sacrifices, for the things that are important to you. Making a plan is the first action part of these steps. Your plan will keep you on the line. It will pull you back on track if you ever feel discouraged and will keep you in the right direction as long as the plan you have created is attainable, specific, and concise. You can also write it down or print it then post it somewhere you always can see. This will serve as your reminder that you have a goal, and you have to act to achieve it now. Not later. Not when you think you are ready. If you have a goal, you are ready now.

With repairing your credit score, moving a plan can be dangerous. You are working with money. You are working with something that largely involves time, your future, your properties, your daily living. Be detail-oriented as you lay out your plan so that it will be easier for you to follow it. You may start with the bigger task then break it down bit by bit to make it more specific.


Jot everything down, starting from the first step, down to the prior one which is your plan. Write your goals down and read them. Doing so will give you a visual symbol all while you think of each word you write down. Read and write on a daily basis. This will help you grow.

Your credit score extremely needs this too. So never belittle or skip this step.


As we go again, READ DAILY. Read it in the morning, then read it again at night. As you do this, you will be reminded on the day that you need to get this work done, and you will feel hopeful, motivated, and aligned. As you retire at night, you will be given a glimpse and a quick recall of what you have accomplished so far. You may also evaluate what needs to be improved, and what is to be left behind. And also what adjustments or extra steps you need to make to achieve your goal again for tomorrow, then until your target date.

Credit repair especially for homeownership might get really tough. But with Credit Repair For Home, your goals are our goals, and our success within our years of expertise will be your success too.

Follow these steps, then let us talk it out in our FREE CONSULTATION so you can know more on how to further these goals, and what we can highly recommend to achieve them.



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